South Florida Sportfishing Fort Lauderdale

What we do
We offer half day sportfishing trips, 3/4 day trips, or All day trips; 4 1/2, 6 1/2, 8 1/2 hours respectively in and around the Ft. Lauderdale area as well as Boca Raton, Pompano and Deerfield Beach. A typical day of Fort Lauderdale fishing on the Crowd Pleaser starts off with catching dolphin, king mackerel, Bonitos, and other fish on the reef. This is just the beginning and is usually done trolling. Its a fun way to let everyone catch some fish. Afterwards we will switch to another style of sportfishing.

The South Florida area is home to Sailfish, sharks, blackfin tuna, and many more large pelagic sportfish. Live bait is often the key to catching them. When conditions are right we will put up fishing kites and suspend the baits from them. If you have never done this type of Sport Fishing it is a real treat! Nine times out of ten you can see the sailfish or other large fish come up to the surface to stalk the frantic baitfish. This is truly one of the most exciting aspects of Ft Lauderdale fishing and is usually followed by a solid hook up!

Two types of Florida fishing such as this fit nicely into a half day trip-our standard. When we have more time we often try other types of sport fishing such as:

Bottom fishing
If you want something for the table we can spend an hour of your trip catching snapper. Often you can get them from three to five at a time on special rigs we make for them.

Wreck fishing
Dropping large live baits down to our plentiful wrecks and artificial reefs provides some huge bites! We get several types of grouper throughout the year as well as golden amberjacks, large snapper, and suprises like sharks, cobia, and many more.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing charters can be incredible. Just a couple miles off our Ft. Lauderdale coast lies the gulf stream. Just outside the reef in fact. If mahi-mahi (dolphin) are what you are interested in this is the place for you. Out in the blue gulf stream water we also get wahoo, and an occasional marlin too. Once you find the fish offshore you usually fill the box. The trick is finding them which occasionally takes some time. We therefore try to reserve trips out there for 3/4 and full day trips, unless we know where the fish are already.

These are just a few of the many ways we fish, and you may encounter several on your Ft. Lauderdale fishingtrip. We will do whatever it takes to catch the most fish and/or biggest fish we can for you.

Some customers ask me if we can do a specific type of Fort Lauderdale sportfishing. Some have heard of kite fishing and want to try it to catch a sailfish, others only are interested in dolphin or fish for the table. If you want to target something specific just let us know. That's what we are here for!